Stephen Malkmus Covers Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space': Watch

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After a nine-year hiatus, Stephen Malkmus steps off the street and back into Pavement. The band performs for its devout following on Mar. 4 in Sydney, Australia.

Stephen Malkmuswon't reunite Pavement, which means sad-faces all round for the slacker band's many fans. But he sure knows how to please the kids.

The singer-songwriter has performed a cover of the Taylor Swift song "Blank Space" for Portland, Oregon's live variety show You Who. Malkmus and the Jicks played the 1989 album track at Portland's Crystal Ballroom, apparently at the request of his daughter.

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One suspects Taylor's music is on high-rotation at the Malkmus home. In an interview early last year with Billboard, the veteran artist admitted he'd tried channeling the pop-superstar on "Lariat," the final track from his Wig Out at Jagbags album. "I was trying to write something that Taylor Swift would write, or maybe even more Katy Perry. I was thinking in wide ways," he said. 

There's little joy for Pavement fans. In an interview for Pitchfork's Kreative Kontrol podcast, Pavement and Silver Jews' Bob Nastanovich explained that Malkmus had no interest in their attempt at reforming the band. "It did not float. It was a failed attempt," Nastanovich said. 

Watch the video of "Blank Space" below: