6 Stunning Images From Taylor Swift's 'Style' Music Video

Courtesy Photo

When we go crashing down we come back every time.

The music video for a lil' story about a red-lipped girl and a James Dean guy dropped earlier today.

As soon as we saw Taylor Swift's video for her third single off 1989, "Style," we couldn't get over just how dang pretty the whole thing looked. What it lacks in literal storytelling it makes up for in shots that would look right at home on a T-shirt, screeensaver or poster. (Thanks for that, director Kyle Newman!)

Taylor Swift's 'Style' Music Video: Watch Here

Seriously, we want the below six shots in poster form, stat.

1. At some point in her long career, Taylor will likely star in a movie, ideally by Nicholas Sparks -- or something she'll write herself. Here's the poster for the romantic drama. 

2. Following up the "I'm secretly a witch/sorceress" American Music Awards performance of "Blank Space," Swift gives fans this beautifully chilling shot of a woman at one with nature, with a haunted ("Haunted") twist. 

3. Taking a page from Harry Potter, Swift finds her very own two-way mirror. 

4. Shattered glass, shattered memories, shattered life. 

5. "Her heart belonged to someone who couldn't stay," Swift wrote in the liner notes to "Style." Here it seems her heart belonged to someone who couldn't keep his shirt on, not that we're complaining. 

6. Postcard from the past, keepsake for the future.