Did Andy Cohen Get John Mayer to Admit He's Dating Katy Perry Again?

Sonja Flemming/CBS
Guest host John Mayer on The Late Late Show with guests Andy Cohen on Feb. 4, 2015 on CBS.

Filling in as 'Late Late Show' host, Mayer dances with the sharks in their primetime return.

It's been a good time to be John Mayer, or any other KatyKat, for that matter. Katy Perry is still riding high from her Super Bowl halftime performance… so high, that her dancing sharks were special guests on CBS' Late Late Show.

Yes, Katy tweeted out the news that Mayer was taking over the show, and interviewing the sharks himself.

The sharks ("actually a huge get for me," according to Mayer) were joined by a marine biologist (publicist?) named Carl, who explains, "(They) can't talk -- they're not dolphins… of course they dance -- they're Super Bowl sharks!"

Andy Cohen was also on hand for Mayer to interview. After talking about the Super Bowl, the Bravo host slipped in this nugget: "Mazel to you and your family, your girlfriend." So...are Katy Perry and John Mayer back on?

Regardless of his relationship status with the halftime show star, Mayer loved her performance.

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"It was unbelievable… the whole thing about the sharks, everybody wants to talk about the sharks because it's just something everyone can grab onto because not everyone feels comfortable walking around saying that Katy Perry was amazing," Mayer said. "Guys love the sharks. It's like, 'You have nothing bad to say about the performance, do you?' 'No, I don't.' Because if they did, you'd hear about it… She made the internet a kind, gentle place for a day. It was awesome."