Happy Birthday, Darren Criss: 5 Great Performances

Happy Birthday, Darren Criss!

The Glee star turns 28 today, and to celebrate, we're looking back at five of our favorite of his performances, both on Glee and elsewhere. Any more time we spend talking up here is time you're not watching Criss perform, so without further ado...

Pop Shop Podcast: Special Co-Host Darren Criss

5. "Part of Your World"
Throwback (and not just for the hair!). Criss performed this for YouTube fans way back when, and it went on to become one of his most popular videos. A full circle moment happened a few years later, when he was invited out onstage with Lea Salonga to sing it live at the Kennedy Center. 

4. "Somewhere Only We Know"
Big public declarations of love is part of Glee's signature, so it makes sense that Criss would be a natural at delivering them. This is far from his only swoon-worthy performance as a walking dreamboat on the show, but it's a standout. Bonus: Gif-worthy dancing aplenty.

3. "Any of Those Things"
Besides Glee, Criss works on his own music, releasing an EP Human in 2010. On the road, he breaks out some of his original work, including this memorable tune. 

2. "Teenage Dream"
What, like we weren't going to include his zeitgeist-y superstar moment? Keep dreaming. We've been watching this, his Glee debut, on repeat going on five years now. If you want to get deep into the Glee discography (and who doesn't?), you can also check out his piano bar ballad version of the track from season 4 of the program. 

1. "Not Alone"
So, quick catch up: If you don't know Criss from Glee, you probably know him from A Very Potter Musical, a college Harry Potter musical that is fantastic and went totally viral on YouTube back in 2009. Criss played Harry, and here, he performs one of the songs from the show for a Trevor Live benefit. Magical.