Fans on Taylor Swift's 'Swiftmas': 'No One in the Music Industry Has as Big a Heart as She Does'

Taylor Swift performs on Hollywood Boulevard for ?Jimmy Kimmel Live? on October 23, 2014.
ABC/Randy Holmes

Taylor Swift performs on Hollywood Boulevard for Jimmy Kimmel Live on October 23, 2014.

Move over, Oprah. Taylor Swift is the new ultimate gift-giver. 

This holiday season, the 25-year-old pop star has been sending huge packages of early Christmas presents to fans. Since mid-November, 32 lucky Tumblr followers of Swift have received FedEx boxes in the mail from the starlet. The elated recipients have taken to social media, flooding Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr with images and videos of themselves unwrapping the gifts. Fans have dubbed the event “Swiftmas.”

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On December 20th, Rebecca Cox, 16, of West Bloomfield, MI returned home from the library to find a 31-pound FedEx box on her doorstep from Swift. 

Inside, she discovered a heap of items individually wrapped in glittery, embossed paper. The presents included a 2014 London Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show duffel bag stuffed with exclusive merchandise, a Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Polaroid camera with four packs of film and picture frames, bath and beauty products from Australia, Brandy Melville apparel, a large stuffed animal fox, blankets, throw pillows, candles, $200’s worth of gift cards, and a Christmas sweater. 

Cox’s friend Victor Vinson, 17, also received a FedEx box to his home in Novi, MI. His gifts included a Polaroid camera with film, a box of cookies from Swift’s favorite New York City bakery, four matte black Barney’s boxes containing sweaters and hoodies, Ray-Bans, a blanket, a beanie hat, and a Burberry scarf. 

Together, Cox and Vinson’s gifts totaled up to around $4150 in retail value. The most priceless part, however, was the personalized notes that Taylor Swift included on almost every gift. The singer scrawled everything from tongue-in-cheek allusions to her songs (on Vinson’s Ray-Bans: “James Dean wore these back in the day. They never go out of style.”) to thoughtful messages (on Cox’s picture frames: “To Becca—I thought you could put Polaroids of you, me, and V in here”) in her large, loopy handwriting.

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So what inhuman feat of devotion did Cox and Vinson have to accomplish in order to receive Christmas presents from of one of the world’s most famous celebrities? Apparently, nothing more than run a joint Tumblr blog dedicated to Swift.

The two teenagers created their blog on November 12th as a way to connect with other Swift fans online. They reblogged photos, GIFs, and text posts about the singer almost everyday. A mere three weeks later, their barrage of online adoration caught the attention of Swift’s official personal Tumblr account. Taylor Swift followed them on December 4th. Shortly thereafter, Cox said, Swift started liking their posts ten and twenty at a time. 

Then, on December 17th, Swift’s management team Taylor Nation reached out to Cox and Vinson.

“At 2 p.m. Rebecca messaged me screaming that Taylor Nation contacted us on Twitter, and they were basically asking for our addresses and our birth dates,” Vinson said. “We figured either she’s sending us packages, or they just want our information on file.”

Sure enough, it was packages. The presents arrived in the mail three days later, and the rest was social media history.

“There’s no one in the music industry who has a big of a heart as she does,” Cox said. “You can tell that she wrapped all the gifts personally. She uses a ridiculous amount of tape.”

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From events like Swiftmas, it’s clear to see why Swift’s fans are so loyal. 2014 has been her craziest year to date—she has sold over 3 million copies of her album 1989, appeared on the covers of countless major magazines, and stacked up mountains of accolades from Billboard’s 2014 Woman of the Year to the AMA’s first ever Dick Clark Award for Excellence. And yet, amidst the whirlwind, the singer has still managed to find time to shop and shower her fans with expensive, personalized presents during the holiday season. Why so angelic, Taylor?

“[When] she changed from pop-country to completely pop, her fans really stood by her,” Cox said. “I think this is her saying that she recognizes and really appreciates that. She’s trying to really interact with her fans as much as possible now.”

Cox has never met Swift in person before, but hopes to in the future. She and Vinson have already bought tickets to Swift’s May 2015 concert in Detroit. If she ever does get to meet Swift in the flesh, she doesn’t know how she might react. But for now, Cox said, having received Christmas gifts from Swift is good enough.

“It’s just starting to dawn on me that the person who sent me all these gifts is the same person who tours the world and sells multimillion albums and…” She trailed off. “Oh my gosh.”