Will.i.am Commends Iggy Azalea: 'Thanks For Contributing & Spreading Our Culture Positively'

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The past few days have seen a handful of rappers sound off on Iggy Azalea’s place in the hip-hop community, from mentor T.I. defending her skills to Q-Tip teaching her a lesson to Azealia Banks effectively ripping her apart. Add Will.i.am to that list of artists: the Black Eyed Peas rapper fired off a round of tweets praising Azalea for her impact as a white female within the genre.

“hiphop Is global now...it doesn't matter if your white or black...thanks for contributing & spreading our culture positively,” Will.i.am wrote. He also thanked Blondie for “expanding hiphop” with their song “Rapture” in 1980.

See the full tweets brigade below: