Azealia Banks Now Beefing with Action Bronson on Twitter

Courtesy Photo; Getty Images

"THE DEVIL LIVES IN THERE," Bronson says of Azealia's nether regions. Happy holidays, everybody!

The Young Gunz song “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” might have been written about Azealia Banks’ tendency to argue with other artists on Twitter! After taking aim at Iggy Azalea for the umpteenth time on the social media platform over the past 24 hours, Banks is now sparring with Action Bronson after the Queens-based underground hip-hop artist asked not to be mentioned in the same breath as the “212” rapper.

“DONT EVER IN LIFES HISTORY MENTION MY NAME IN A SLANDEROUS MANNNER,” Bronson tweeted on Friday afternoon, tagging Banks, Azalea and the fan that compared them with him. Banks hopped in and replied, “Nobody dissed you!! but you do sound like the bootleg ghost face and i will definitely flame you on a track any given sunday.” (Bronson’s flow has long been compared to that of Ghostface Killah, for those wondering where that diss comes from.)

From there, the squabble turned hideous: Bronson tweeted “YOU SUCK” at Banks, called her a “HORSE MOUTH” and claimed that the Devil himself lives in Banks’ genitalia. “U AND IGGY ARE THE SAME ARTIST YALL SHOULD JOIN A GROUP HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,” he added, before concluding, “WHITE BLACK SPANISH ASAIN WHATEVA I DONT GIVE A F--- JUST BE A GOOD PERSON. THATS IT.”

Meanwhile, Banks fired back with “You'll be dead of heart attack and diabetes in a year if you don't slow down fatty cakes,” and “I bet you save bits of food in your undertits,” among other barbs. She also compared Bronson to Kirstie Alley, which, come on, why does the Veronica’s Closet star need to be brought into this ugliness?

Yesterday, Banks gave an emotional radio interview where she discussed the appropriation of black culture by white artists, and dissed white rappers like Macklemore and Azalea. The latter addressed the comments on Twitter soon after, writing, “Special msg for banks: There are many black artists succeeding in all genres. The reason you haven't is because of your piss poor attitude.”

Bronson is not quite as frequent with his troublemaking, but has never been one to censor himself. Watch him awkwardly interact with coaching great Mike Ditka in an episode of his cooking show Fuck, That’s Delicious (skip to the 14:00 mark):