Clementine and the Galaxy, 'When The Night Is Over': Exclusive Video Premiere

Courtesy of Feel Up Records
Clementine and the Galaxy

Clementine and the Galaxy's triumphant new single "When The Night Is Over" might sound a bit familiar: an instrumental of the track was featured in a Victoria's Secret advertisement. However, the New York-based electro-pop duo -- composed of Julie Hardy and Mike MacAllister -- are still on the rise, having just released their debut self-titled EP lin 2013.

Working with director Sam Fleischner (MGMT, Panda Bear and Santigold) on the visual, they hoped to translate the song's message: the idea of trying to hold on to important moments and people in one’s life. The nostalgia-laden video follows three kid's all-night adventure around Far Rockaway, Brooklyn.

Watch the euphoric and youthful video below, premiered here on Billboard:

Vocalist and synth player Hardy, whose previous gig involved singing back up vocals for the likes of St. Vincent and Ellie Goulding, met guitarist/drummer MacAllister, a former film score and commercial songwriter, by way of a Craigslist musical assignment. The duo has since inked a deal with Jillionaire of Major Lazer's Feel Up Records, who will release their EP Midnight Machine next year. They've been collaborating with members of Cobra Starship and Feist's "1234" co-writer, Sally Seltmann, on the project.

"'When The Night Is Over' is a bit of a departure from our usual sound, as we tend to be more synth-driven and even dance-y at times,"  Hardy told Billboard. "It felt right that this track should be more guitar and piano heavy. We have a lot of songs about love-gone-wrong and heartbreak that are drenched with analog synths and glitched-out vocals; but "When The Night Is Over" is not one of these. It's more positive and aspirational, and, for whatever reason, it felt right that it should sound a bit more organic."

"The song is about finding someone who you really connect with and not letting them go. It's also about breaking out of the routine. I find those opportunities come along infrequently. 'When The Night Is Over' is a reminder not to pass up on those chances to have an unforgettable adventure," MacAllister added.