Lorde Explains Why She Dissed Diplo

Lorde, 2014
Austin Hargrave

Lorde was photographed on October 8, 2014 at Milk Studios in Los Angeles.

Lorde may have dissed Diplo on Twitter after he body-shamed her pal Taylor Swift, but in a new interview, Lorde explains that the two are still friends.

Lorde Perfectly Disses Diplo After He Insults Taylor Swift

"I love Wes and he's a big brother to me and one of my first friends in the industry, and part of having a friendship with someone like that is not letting them say stupid shit," Lorde told FADER about Diplo (His real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz). "Taylor's my friend as well, and I'm a girl, and if I see some weird body-shaming on my feed I'm going to be like, 'Hey man…' We do still love each other, hopefully."

"I've been notoriously quiet my whole life," Lorde continued. "So it wasn't until I started to be able to run a board meeting and direct people in the way I wanted things to go that I gained confidence as a leader. As a businessperson, I got confident in saying, 'Hey, this is whack.'"