Watch Nick Jonas' NSFW Sex Scenes From New TV Show, 'Kingdom'

Nick Jonas, BB38.
Miller Mobley

Nick Jonas photographed on Oct. 7, 2014 at Jack Studios in New York City.

Clips of an explicit sex scene featuring Nick Jonas in his new DirectTV series Kingdom have surfaced online, further shedding the singer's wholesome and juvenile Disney image. Warning: The six-second Vine videos include nudity. 

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Indeed Jonas is not the purity-wearing youngest boy band brother any longer. In the new show he plays a jacked up mixed martial arts fighter, duking it out to save his family's gym. In real life, the 22-year-old is leading a sex-charged promotional campaign leading up to his self-tilted solo album that's out Tuesday. That's so far included sexy bass-heavy R&B tracks, abs and package-flaunting photo shoots, and shouting out his gay fans and appearing on the cover of the UK Gay magazine Attitude with even more sexy photos. 

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And now we get him in a nude scene with a brunette riding him passionately. Jonas appeared on Watch What Happens Live in September and teased at least three or four sex scenes in Kingdom, as well as a storyline revolving around his character's sexuality. Watch that teasing video below, followed by the NSFW Kingdom sex scene clips: