Oh Land Album Premiere: Stream ‘Earth Sick’ In Full

Justin Tyler Close
Oh Land

Listen to the Danish pop star's new album exclusively at Billboard.com!

Danish singer-songwriter Oh Land has fashioned a career out of warm synth-pop arrangements and starry-eyed lyrics, and her progression continues on fourth album Earth Sick, to be released through the artist’s own independent label Tusk or Tooth in association with Kobalt Label Services. Earth Sick is due out on Nov. 10, but you can stream the lush collection before its official release on Billboard.com:

Before she released her debut album in 2008, Nanna Øland Fabricius was a budding ballet star trying to find a new career path after suffering an injury that prevented her from finding stardom. After releasing Wish Bone in 2013, Oh Land recorded her fourth album in Brooklyn and tried to envision the feelings of a lonely astronaut — hence the album title.

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“The album is themed around the feeling of longing — longing to fulfill your dreams, longing for your love on a long distance call. For your everyday actions to make sense, and longing to feel at home,” says Oh Land. “I imagine an astronaut would feel some sort of longing when he looks back at Earth from space. I imagine that he would wanna change some things when he returns. I imagine a kind of idealism. The irony is that astronauts often get earth sick’ when they return to earth. Their bodies simply have to adjust to gravity again and they have to slowly get used to being Earthlings again. With this album I look at my own little world from my own little space and imagine what I would change.”

Oh Land helped construct standout tracks like "Favor Friends" and "Head Up High" using “sound samples from my everyday life, mixed with string quartet recordings I did with my family in Copenhagen,” helping an altogether spellbinding effort. Watch the music video for first single “Head Up High” below:

After performing in the States last month as part of the CMJ Music Marathon in New York, Oh Land is next scheduled to play in her native Denmark for three consecutive nights beginning Dec. 11. Her 2015 live plans are forthcoming.