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Every Time Justin Timberlake Sings the Word 'Baby'

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April 26: Justin Timberlake performs at Stade de France in Paris.

While Justin Timberlake just welcomed his first baby with wife Jessica Biel, there have already been plenty of "baby"s in his life -- 214, to be exact.

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Welcome Baby Boy

Leading up to the birth of Silas Randall Timberlake, Billboard conducted a (wildly scientific) survey of Timberlake's lyrics to see how long he's had baby on the brain. Turns out, for quite some time. Not including 'NSYNC lyrics (because, honestly, who has the time), we counted every appearance of the word "baby" across his four solo albums, including hidden and bonus tracks. Below, find the exhaustive list of all 214 "baby" lyrics, plus these fun facts we learned:

-Justin had a real baby boom (sorry) during The 20/20 Experience, with his top three baby-filled songs all coming from the two-part project:
1. "Pusher Love Girl" (26)
2. "You Got It On" (19)
3. "That Girl" (15)

-Out of 49 songs on four albums, 38 of the tracks -- more than three-quarters of his catalog -- include the word baby.

-JT is not alone: Four of his collaborators -- Timbaland (4), T.I. (3), Snoop Dogg (2) and will.i.am (2) -- also contributed baby lyrics to his songs.

The full lyrical list:


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+ "He doesn't love ya, I can tell by his charm (he don't love ya, baby)."

+ "Baby, won't you lay in my ah, ah, arms."

+ "Ah, ah, arms (my baby)."

"Like I Love You":
+ "Don't fear me, baby, it's just Justin."

+ "Just be limber, baby."

+ "Baby, just remember/ Sing this song with me."

+ "I won't let you down, baby."

+ "Here, baby, put on my jacket/ And then ..."

+ "I just wanna love you, baby." (4x)

"(Oh No) What You Got":
+ "So, baby, make your move, take charge." (2x)

+ "Baby, I can tell that you want to do more than just dance with me."

"Take It From Here":
+ "Take it from here, baby."

+ "Don't you worry, baby girl, baby girl."

+ "Don't worry, girl (baby girl)."

+ "I got somethin' I wanna tell ya, baby."

"Cry Me a River":
+ "
I'm not like them, baby."

+ "(Baby, go on and just) cry me a river." (3x)

"Rock Your Body":
+ "Come on, baby."

+ "Come over here, baby."

"Nothin' Else":
+ "(You, baby) your eyes have a story that they wish to tell."

+ "I should just leave them alone, baby."

+ "Since you're an angel, baby."

"Last Night":
+ "'Cause I love ya, baby, love ya, baby." (2x)

+ "Can't believe what I was hearing (just can't believe it, baby)."

+ "(My baby) I hope it sinks in."

+ "Oh, baby, yeah yeah yeah yeah."

+ "Can't we just get back to that? Baby?"

"Still on My Brain":
+ "
But, baby, I just wouldn't be the same" (3x)

"(And She Said) Take Me Now":
+ "Well, baby, here I am, so why you waiting?"

+ "What you say, baby?" (2x)

+ "I gotta dance, gotta dance, baby."

+ "So what you say, baby, what you say?"

"Right for Me":
+ "Little baby with the sundress on."

+ "Well, baby girl, don't mind me if I do."

+ "So, baby, tell me what you're doing later on."

+ "Baby girl, don't mind me if I do."

"Let's Take a Ride":
+ "Don't you wanna feel the breeze and forget everything, baby?"

"Never Again":


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+ "See everybody says you're hot, baby."

+ "Baby, all you gotta do is..." (3x)

+ "You can't stop, baby."

+ "Your enemy are your thoughts, baby."

+ "Baby, I'm your slave."

"Sexy Ladies"/"Let Me Talk to You Prelude":

"My Love":
+ "Well, baby, I've been around the world."

+ "You could be my baby, let me make you my lady" (3x)

+ "'Cause girl I've never been more sure (that, baby, it's you)."

+ T.I.: "Listen, baby, I don't wanna ruin your plan."

+ T.I.: "Baby, friends so fly I can go fly."

+ T.I.: "Well, baby, it's obvious that I ain't your guy."

"Lovestoned"/"I Think She Knows Interlude":

"What Goes Around Comes Around":
+ "That's okay, baby, 'cause in time you will find..." (3x)

+ "Let me paint this picture for you, baby."

+ "You should've listened to me, baby."

"Chop Me Up":
+ "Easy, baby." (3x)

+ Timbaland: "Baby, are you new in town?"

+ Timbaland: "If you got a problem, baby, I can hold ya down."

+ Timbaland: "Better yet a genie, baby, make your first wish."

+ Timbaland: "You the party, baby, I'm just the guest list."

"Damn Girl":
+ will.i.am: "Baby, give me some of your tasty."

+ will.i.am: "Hey ba-ba-ba-ba-baby."

+ "Blows my mind (baby)."

"Summer Love"/"Set the Mood Prelude":
+ "Come on, baby, please, 'cause I'm on my knees."

+ "I promise, baby, you'll feel all right."

"Until the End of Time":
+ "Well, baby girl, there ain't no question."

"Losing My Way":

"(Another Song) All Over Again":

"Pose" (bonus track):
+ "
Come on, baby, won't you pose for my camera?"

+ Snoop: "Hey yo, JT, let me holler at baby real quick."

+ Snoop: "Go ahead, baby girl, cheese and smile."

+ "Wait! Stop and picture, baby, stop and picture, baby, stop and picture."


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"Pusher Love Girl":
+ "So high I'm on the ceiling, baby." (8x)

+ "So go on and be my dealer, baby." (8x)

+ "'Cause all I want is you, baby." (8x)

+ "All I want is you, baby."

+ "I know, baby, you know who you are."

"Suit & Tie":
+ "Can I show you a few things, a few things, a few things, little baby?"

+ "Hey baby, we don't mind all the watching."

"Don't Hold the Wall":
+ "So, baby, hold up." (2x)

+ "C'mon, baby, dance with me." (2x)

"Strawberry Bubblegum":
+ "Baby, please don't change nothing/ Because your flavor's so original." (2x)

+ "Baby, I, I/ Girl I'm all addicted and I won't fight."

"Tunnel Vision":

"Spaceship Coupe":
+ "Baby, can't you see all the stars?"

+ "Baby this is the part where you and me and all of the stars collide tonight."

"That Girl":
+ "But I had to catch you, been running through my mind all day, baby."

+ "No one's there to catch us like when you fell from heaven that day, baby."

+ "You'll always be my baby, baby, baby."

+ "It's so amazing how you became my baby, baby, baby."

+ "Come here and let me rock you like a baby, baby, baby."

+ "Don't you know, you'll always be my baby, baby, baby."

+ "But I don't pay attention to the talk, baby."

+ Bonus babe: "Now we didn't have to fall, but we fell in love to the bottom, babe."

+ Bonus babe: "People always staring, but I don't even care nothing about it, babe."

"Let the Groove Get In":

+ "I'll tell you, baby, it was easy comin' back here to you once I figured it out." (3x)

+ "Baby, keep your eyes on me."

+ "Show me how to fight for now (please show me, baby)."

"Blue Ocean Floor":

"Dress On" (bonus track):

"Body Count":
+ "Baby, my body count." (2x)


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"Gimme What I Don't Know (I Want)"
+ "Baby, you act like a lady, don't have to cover it up." (2x)

"True Blood":
+ "But baby, I just do it for the thrill out of you." (2x)


+ "Baby, every day you're training to get the gold."

+ "Baby, now I don't really know what we're fighting for."

"Take Back the Night":


"Drink You Away"
+ "Now tell me, baby, don't they make a medicine for heartbreak?" (4x)

+ "Tell me, baby, oh, yeah, now don't they make a medicine for heartbreak?" (4x)

"You Got It On":
+ "Now, baby, the day you were born/ They picked you up and wrapped you, you up."

+ "It's cool you ain't got on nothing, baby."

+ "First I take you out, then you turn around, baby." (2x)

+ "So I take you home, wear whatever you want, baby." (2x)

+ "You already got it on, oh baby." (2x)

+ "Oooh, baby, you got it on." (2x)

+ "I said ooh, baby, you got it on." (2x)

+ "Just like falling in love over and over again with you, oh baby."

+ "Baby, you got it on."

+ "Nothing, baby, you got it."

+ "I say ooh, baby, you've got it on."

+ "Ooh baby, you've got it on."

+ "Baby, you've got it on."

+ "Yeah, baby, you got it on."

+ "So cold, baby, now I'm going crazy." (3x)

"Only When I Walk Away":
+ "Now what's that, baby? What you say?"

+ "Baby, when I finish what you start."

+ "Call me on the phone, tell me, 'Baby, please stay.'" (4x)

+ "Call me on the phone and tell me, 'Baby do you stay?'"

+ "Calling, yelling, begging, crying, 'Baby, please stay.'" (5x)

"Not a Bad Thing":
"'Cause baby, you're worth it." (2x)

"Pair of Wings" (hidden track):

"Blindness" (bonus track):
+ "But I can't wrap my mind around it, baby."

"Electric Lady" (bonus track):
+ "Baby, you know, if you ever go."


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