Taylor Swift or Run The Jewels? Take Our Impossible Lyrics Quiz!

Which of these lyrics are from "1989," and which are from "Run The Jewels 2"? The correct answers may (probably not) shock you!

In the past week, two fiercely loved full-lengths fell into the laps of music listeners, as Taylor Swift’s 1989 and Run The JewelsRun The Jewels 2 finally arrived. For Swift, 1989 — her first official pop album — represents another creative and commercial triumph, with universal praise for the synth-pop explosion and a million-plus debut seeming more and more likely. Meanwhile, El-P and Killer Mike re-teamed for another virtuoso rap takedown as the duo Run The Jewels; last year’s debut album was critically acclaimed, but some have already pegged RTJ2 as the rap album of the year.

'1989' Review | See How Well Run The Jewels Know Each Other

1989 is about finding a fresh pop style while shaking off the haters, and Run The Jewels 2 is about owning a hip-hop corner while putting haters in body bags. However, the two albums are more lyrically similar than one might think! Want proof? Take our insanely difficult lyrics quiz to determine whether the following lyrical passages come from Taylor Swift’s new LP or Run The Jewels’ new album!