Angie Miller Song Premiere: Stream ‘Miles’ from the ‘American Idol’ Finalist

In 2013, Angie Miller made waves on American Idol by placing third on Season 12 of the long-running singing competition. Nearly a year and a half later, Miller is unveiling her debut EP, Weathered, next month, and the track “Miles” is a clear standout. Listen to the premiere below:

Miller says that, although she predominantly operates in the pop genre, songs like “Miles” demonstrate her rock savvy. The 20-year-old Boston native worked on Weathered, to be released independently on Nov. 12, with produced Red Decibel, recording the entire EP in one week.

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“‘Dream big’ has always been a motto of mine and everybody knows that — even my fans go by the name ‘Dreamers,’” says Miller. “So 'Miles' illustrates how my dreams, at times, feel so far out of reach — as if they're not even obtainable. But, I know that with perseverance, you can be rewarded.”

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