Watch Lorde Return to 'South Park' & See Her Reaction

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Also, 'South Park' has a little fun at Spin's expense.

On Oct. 1, "Lorde" made a cameo on South Park via an unconvincingly costumed Randy Marsh. On the latest episode, Trey Parker and Matt Stone dove even deeper into the concept, thanks to the way one music publication responded to the joke.

In the new episode (titled "The Cissy"), a subplot focuses on Stan Marsh's dad, Randy, who pretends to be Lorde in order to gain access to the women's bathroom at work (last week, he played the part at a party, looking to impress the kids). A fictional Spin reporter then arrives in South Park, looking to expose the very obvious truth -- that "Lorde" is really a 45-year old geologist.

Watch Lorde on 'South Park'… With a Mustache

Apparently Parker and Stone decided to have a little fun with Spin after the publication was highly critical of the show’s alleged lampooning of the New Zealand star. For South Park, the joke wasn't exactly at the expense of Lorde; it was more of a jab at the since-squashed rumors that Lorde was older than she admitted.

At any rate, the real-life Lorde approved.


Via Instagram, she confessed that although she's not a regular viewer, she found the plot line funny -- and maybe even progressive in its stance on transgeneder issues? Check out her posts below:


this is actually surprisingly cute - and from what i can tell also has a message of transgender acceptance (i'm still very new with this type of humour so i'm not sure if was actually genuine but it seemed so to me)

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well shit this is downright sweet. take that haters i got a south park episode ??????

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also omgggg remorseful hat journalist el oh el

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