Former t.A.T.u. Member Lena Katina Returns with ‘Who I Am’: Single Premiere

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Lena Katina

Lena Katina, best known as one-half of the defunct Russian pop group t.A.T.u., has spent the past couple years crafting her solo debut in Los Angeles, and is ready to launch her first album's lead single. Listen to the singer’s “Who I Am,” premiering exclusively on

“Who I Am” was written in Sweden, during Katina’s first writing trip, before being recorded in Stockholm and Los Angeles. “The idea of this song is very straightforward,” she says. “I just want to tell everybody that I am who I am. I’m not trying to play games or be somebody else. The Lena Katina you see on stage is pretty much the same Lena Katina as in real life and that is how I’ve presented myself in my solo project.”

t.A.T.u. was formed in 1999 by Katina and Yulia Volkova (who recently got in some hot water for a homophobic rant). The Russian duo found immense success in the U.S. with the single “All The Things She Said,” from their 2002 debut 200km/h in the Wrong Lane, and continued recording for a decade before splitting in 2011.

“Who I Am” will hit digital retailers worldwide on Tuesday (Oct. 7), and a music video for the track will also be released this month. “The video turned out a little different from what I had in mind originally but it is very different from what I've done so far,” says Katina, who made waves with t.A.T.u. a decade ago thanks to the scandalous music video for “All The Things She Said.” “I can say it is experimental. I wanted to show that I can be sad, in tears, or happy, angry or totally calm as well as all made-up or with a very pure look… just like any other human being.”

The new single will be included on Katina’s debut album, This Is Who I Am, due out on Nov. 18. The singer-songwriter previously released the dance single “Lift Me Up” and the club hit “Never Forget,” both of which will be included on the new album.