Austin Mahone Working on First Album, Sees 'The Secret' EP as 'A Little Side Project'

Austin Mahone: Day in the Life
Emily Berl

 A day in the life with Austin Mahone on July 30, 2-14 before his show at the Nokia Theater at L.A. LIVE on Los Angeles, Ca.

"I was putting it out just to get some more material out there,” says the “Mmm Yeah” star.

As he continues touring to promote his debut EP, The Secret, Austin Mahone is eyeballing an early 2015 release for his first full-length album.

With a short three-date swing of Brazil scheduled for October, Mahone tells Billboard that he's "going back to Miami to work on my full-length album, so I'm pretty excited." Mahone is working with Swedish producer Max Martin and his team, among others, and he promises the album will feature "a lot of different styles. I'm probably gonna stick with pop for the most part, but I'm gonna jump out to a little more EDM, maybe some R&B, different stuff like that."

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One song that's locked is "Til I Find You," which Mahone says "has a real EDM kind of Backstreet Boys feel. The beat hits really hard. It's got some futuristic sounds in there, so it's gonna take you on a journey if you listen to it."

Mahone says The Secret, which debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 in May and features the Pitbull collaboration "Mmm Yeah," offers a hint at what he has coming but shouldn't be considered definitive.

"The Secret was kind of like a little side project, basically," he explains. "I was putting it out just to get some more material out there, 'cause I just had a few songs out at the time. I wanted to get more music out, and the style I was going for was more of that NSYNC, Backstreet Boys vibe, 'cause I knew a lot of the older girls like that, so I wanted to get some older fans as well. So I just put that out there for everyone and I definitely get a lot more people who have tweeted me and Facebooked me saying, 'I've become an Austin Mahone fan now. I see he's trying new styles and new things.'"

Mahone hopes to "move into other aspects of music" in the future, perhaps including producing, and adds that he "might get into a little acting, too. That would be pretty cool. I've been in a couple of TV shows already [‘Big Time Rush,' 'The Millers’], and whenever you shoot a music video you get to act. You're being filmed, so you've got to act like you're in love with a certain girl or whatever. I think that falls into the same thing as being on a TV show, so hopefully I'll do more of that, too."