10 Best Fan Signs at One Direction's Show

One Direction Fan with sign
Denis Doyle/Getty Images

A One Direction fan hold up a sign while waiting too see One Direction perform.

The signs on the stadium floor were (almost) better than the stadium show itself. Here are the 10 funniest.

A One Direction stadium concert is unlike any current experience in pop music because of the fandom involved -- weeping teen girls, inexorable screams and dozens upon dozens of fan signs. From the standard "Sing to me, it's my birthday!" sign to the old "Take ur pants off" chestnut, the fan signs are the perfect, glitter-heavy way for young fans to channel their passion, and are just as important to the 1D live show as 1D themselves.

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On Tuesday night (Aug. 5), One Direction performed its second straight New York-area show at MetLife Stadium outside in East Rutherford, N.J., as part of its current Where We Are international tour. Here are the 10 fan signs we spotted from the stadium floor that went above and beyond as paeans to Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis:

10. "I'd Pay U To Punch Me"

A problematic sign, to be sure -- don't pay anyone to punch you, much less pop stars, little girl! But it sneaks into the Top 10 based solely on shock factor.

9. "I've Gone BANANAS For Harry!"

A perplexing sign, until you remember that Harry Styles love bananas. He ate one onstage toward the end of Tuesday night's show. That's fan knowledge at its finest.

8. "Hi We're Single"

Simple, direct, friendly.

7. "Turn Down For WWAT"

The "WWAT" stands for "Where We Are Tour"… although why is anyone turning DOWN for the Where We Are tour? Someone needed a proofreader!

6. "PROM?"

A few signs asked the 1D lads to become prom dates, but this sign -- one word, all-caps -- was the least subtle and most effective.

5. "Suck My Ass"

Wow! A bold, bizarre statement. Points for originality.

4. "Niall You're IRISHistible!"

One Direction's Niall Horan hails from Mullinger, Ireland. This sign was printed on top of an Irish flag. Smart, silly, well-researched… a classic sign.

3. "Bring Us Backstage (Plz, We're 20!)"

In case the guys were considering not bringing these girls backstage, the clarification that they are 20 years old and the "plz" probably (slightly) increased their chances.

2. "Harry!!! Stop Cheating on Me!!!"

Liam Payne actually picked up this sign from the crowd during the group's encore and snapped a photo of it. Huge cred-booster.

1. "We <3 You More Than Wi-Fi"

Classic millennial fan sign. The kids love their wireless Internet, but they can't LIVE without their One Direction.