Fan Army Face-Off: Which Army Is Strongest? Round 3

UPDATE: Round 3 is now closed!

Round 3 of Billboard's Fan Army Face-Off has now begun!

There were a few close races, and a few blowouts in Round 2. The Barbz eeked out a win over The Hooligans, while The Victims, The Echelon, and The Glamberts had more comfortable leads over The Gould Diggers, The Animals and The Katy Cats, respectively. But The Aliens, The Panheads, The VIPs, and The Sones easily demolished their individual opponets. Check out Round 2 here, and Round 1 here.

Voting ends July 27. Click here to see the full bracket.

Fan Army: The Victims
Artist: The Killers
Twitter to watch: @fans_thekillers

Fan Army: The Aliens
Artist: Tokio Hotel
Twitter to watch: @TokioHotelUSA

Fan Army: The Barbz
Artist: Nicki Minaj
Nicki on her fans: "I'm very aware that millions of people on Twitter have no idea what we're talking about. That's because we kind of have our own language. I used to think it was just a Queens language or a New York language or an East Coast language, but now it's a Barb Nation language. I have South African Barbz, Japanese, German, Saudi Arabian. You can be a Barb wherever you live."

Fan Army: The Echelon
Artist: Thirty Seconds to Mars
The band on their fans: "If it wasn't for the Echelon, we wouldn't have ever won a single award. I think that's the blessing of living in this digital age, is that people have a voice, and the Echelon Nation out there has made their voice heard again and again, and we're so proud that they're able to gather together, to organize themselves, to fight for a common cause and to make dreams a reality. It's pretty special."

Fan Army: The Panheads
Artist: Skillet
Skillet on their fans: "The fans are the reason we're here. I love having all different types of fans."

Fan Army: The Glamberts
Artist: Adam Lambert
Adam on his fans: "They're why I'm doing what I'm doing. Their belief in me, response to the music, dedication to coming to the shows. It's great."

Fan Army: The VIPs
BIGBANG on their fans: "We are extremely thankful to all the fans... We would like to continue visiting various countries around the world and to meet every BIGBANG fan out there. In order to do that, we have to constantly evolve and challenge ourselves and grow as artists. We hope that all of you will support for us."

Fan Army: The Sones
Artist: Girls' Generation
Girls' Generation on their fans: "None of Girls' Generation would be possible without the fans. We've grown into a family. This is just love and support for one another. I hope we can repay that through good music, good performances and staying together as a band."