Roméo Testa, 'Still Misunderstood' (Acoustic), Exclusive Song Premiere

Roméo Testa, 2014
Tnah Louise

Roméo Testa photographed by Tnah Louise in 2014.

"'Still Misunderstood' is one of the most personal songs I've ever written," Roméo Testa tells Billboard. "It's for the people who have been bullied or made to feel like an outcast. It's to let people know that there are other people who can relate and understand their struggles."

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In kind, in the new acoustic video for the track, the 19-year-old rock, blues and soul pop singer delivers an intimate performance, stripping away the soaring production from last year's "The End," on which the original appeared (hear it streaming here). 

The Los Angeles transplant from Costa Rica's six-song "The End" was released with executive production by Dan Wilson, songwriter for everyone from Dixie Chicks to Adele. The inspirational song "Light It Up," off that set is currently featured in a 7UP Anthem commercial that's airing through the summer. He is currently at work on his debut album.

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Watch the video here, with Los Angeles residency dates at the famed Hotel Cafe below:

Live at Hotel Café, Los Angeles
July 18 @ 9pm (acoustic)
August 4 @ 10pm (band)
August 18 @ 10pm (band)
August 25 @ 10pm (band)