'The Voice': Gwen Stefani Gets Gavin Rossdale as Advisor, Shares Christina Aguilera's Tips: Watch

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale in Las Vegas
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April 26: Hakkasan Las Vegas celebrates their one year anniversary with Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale in Las Vegas, NV  

Gwen Stefani has recruited none other than husband Gavin Rossdale as her guest mentor for the upcoming season of "The Voice."

The Bush frontman will aid the No Doubt lead during the battle round, in which Stefani must trim her number of team members, recruited during the blind auditions, in half with sudden-death duets.

"We've never really collaborated on too much besides children," said Stefani. "It’s just been hilarious. I get the R-rated version of what you guys get on TV which is like so funny. It's really good."

Stefani noted that she received the call to join the show when news of Christina Aguilera's pregnancy made headlines. Aguilera also wrote Stefani a note, and visited the family for their son Kingston's birthday party. "She's all girl power. ... She's like, 'You're gonna love it, you're gonna be fine.'" Stefani also described Adam Levine as "an eight-year-old boy who has never learned sportsmanship, which I love, because it reminds me of home. I think that he is so serious about this game that we are playing. I mean, he seriously gets upset! It’s crazy."

Rossdale said of helping Stefani in the rehearsal room, "The main thing, from my perspective, is just to make sure that Gwen is so good and excellent like all the other judges on the show." Stefani added of having her other half alongside her, "He is super articulate, and he has a really good opinion. He is smart, and he's been doing a really good job. We both have, I think, a lot of experience in the sense that when you look back at all the shows and all the things we've done — and I mean, we all met like touring together and doing hundreds of shows — it's so fun to be in the position to meet [all of the contestants]."

The Voice returns Sept. 22. NBC's Access Hollywood revealed the husband-and-wife pairing.

Watch their interview in the video below.

This article originally appeared in THR.com.