New Kids on the Block After Dark Las Vegas Concert: The Top 10 Moments

New Kids On The Block After Dark Las Vegas Concert
Brian Babineau

New Kids On The Block peform in Las Vegas for the After Dark Concert on July 10, 2014.

Donnie Wahlberg has a mouth like a sailor and an affinity for sparkly sneakers. Joey McIntyre possesses a remarkable sense of balance and loves him a V-neck tee. Jonathan Knight is a pro at weak-kneeing the ladies, his brother Jordan can still give it to you with those dance moves and Danny Wood is one hell of a breakdancer.

All these things and more I learned yesterday, because I spent the evening watching New Kids on the Block perform at Planet Hollywood. And it was amazing.

New Kids on the Block Party Plane: The 10 Greatest Moments From Onboard

That's right friends, while most people were tucking themselves in so they could get ready for another long day at work, I was gleefully watching the musical stylings of Donnie, Joey, Jonathan, Jordan, and Danny as they wowed the crowd in Las Vegas. The moves, the look, and the music are all still there.

And so, I give you the 10 greatest moments from the 2014 New Kids on the Block After Dark concert.

1. New Kids On The Block Have One Impressive Song Catalogue: There is nothing better than hearing a group you love sing a song you totally forgot about, and boy do the boys of NKOTB have a few of those. With a set list that included "Step by Step," "Hangin' Tough," "You Got It (The Right Stuff)," "Cover Girl" and "I'll Be Loving You (Forever)," to name just a few, every song seemed to illicit screams from the very adult audience.

2. New Kids On The Block Do One Hell Of A Cover: As if their own songs aren't enough, we also got some covers of WHAM!, George Michael, Prince, Nelly, Backstreet Boys, and even Salt-N-Pepa. And boy can those boys still push it real good.

3. Danny Wood Is Quite The Breakdancer: Danny may be the quiet member of NKOTB, but he has the most impressive dance moves. This became clear towards the end of last night's show when he put on a break dancing master class, much to the joy of thousands of women.

4. Donnie Wahlberg Is The World's Greatest MC: The only thing better than the music last night was listening to Donnie's banter in between songs. Highlights included his response to initial fears that fans might not travel out to Vegas to see the group ("We fuc*ing built it, and you fuc*ing came!") and how much longer the band would keep performing together ("We're gonna keep this sh*t going until they drag these motherfuc*ers out in a box!"). Also, Donnie likes to curse, and is very, very good at it.

5. Joey McIntyre Loves Him Some Audience Participation: The boys took it to the audience for a few songs and it seemed at one point that they were going to have to physically drag Mr. McIntyre back onstage. He managed to touch the hand of pretty much every fan in the audience while making eye contact and somehow running across the perilously thin elevated dividers in the venue. It was a bit like watching "Man on Wire."

6. Jonathan Knight Is A Pro At Making It Personal: Two lovely ladies in front of the stage almost fainted last night as the Jonathan took it down a few notches, kneeled on stage and took their hands. He's a charmer that one.

7. Jordan Knight Is Still Busting Out Those Moves: To watch Jordan Knight dance is to watch poetry in motion friends, and, after 25 years, he seems to only be improving with age. I can't deny, he do it right.

8. Lights, Fire, And Confetti, Oh My: The technical side of the show is almost as fun as the performances. Bright lights! Shooting flames! Confetti, glitter, and streamers falling from the ceiling! It was kind of like the greatest children's birthday party ever, but for adults and with lots of drinks.

9. The Men Of NKOTB Know How To Rock The Formal Wear: The boys wore black suits and the boys wore white suits and in both looks these gents looked dapper as fu*k. Oh, and Donnie and Joey also took a moment to deconstruct those suits and let us all know they are still doing their ab workouts.

10. NKOTB May Have The Greatest Fans: Every singer and group wants to lay claim to having the greatest fans ever, but NKOTB may have them all beat. After 25 years together the boys are still bringing them in, and as we saw last night at a sold out venue, these Blockheads are one devoted group. They hang out together for hours before the show catching up with one another, and no sooner was the concert over than they rushed to the site of the after party for one more look at their boys. Also, they all have the best eighties tees ever.

So do yourself a favor and if you're near Vegas, get yourself to this show before it closes on Sunday.