Backstreet Boys Readying 'In A World Like This' Documentary


Backstreet Boys

"It's kind of a making-of the record along with our story," says BSB's Kevin Richardson.

Backstreet Boys are "looking at different distribution opportunities" for a documentary the group put together during the making of last year's "In A World Like This" album and throughout the subsequent world tour supporting it.

"We've been filming during the making of the record, the rehearsals for the tour, while we've been out on the road," the group's Kevin Richardson tells Billboard. "It's kind of a making-of the record along with our story, how we got together and the ups and downs and the rollercoaster that we've been on." The film is tentatively titled "Show 'Em What You're Made Of," after a song on "In A World Like This," and details about its release are expected later this summer.

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"A lot of artists have been doing, like, event releases," Richardson notes. "They do Q&A press conferences or acoustic performances, things like that that are simulcast to theaters all around the world. So we're thinking about doing something like that with our documentary."

Meanwhile, Richardson -- who returned to Backstreet Boys in 2012 after a six-year break -- and his mates remain busy on the road continuing to promote "In A World Like This." The quintet will be in Europe through late July and, according to Richardson, still has "a couple spots we want to hit." The next Backstreet Boys Cruise, meanwhile, launches Oct. 24 from Miami.

"We're having a great time," Richardson reports. "I think it's pretty safe to say we've exceeded everyone's expectations as far as our promoters and agents and stuff. Everyone's real pleased with the response and the ticket sales. We pinch ourselves sometimes. We're definitely fortunate. It's hard in this industry to have a career. We started the 'In A World LIke This' tour as part of a 20th anniversary celebration; it's carried over into our 21st anniversary, so we're very fortunate and we realize that. It's a testament, I think, to the catalog of music that we have and also to our loyal fan base. We know how special this is, definitely."

Richardson says the group will "look into our next creative process" for a new album some time this year, and he affirms that Backstreet Boys haven't at all regretted starting their own K-BAHN label for "In A World Like This" after nearly 15 years with Jive. "We're excited to be on our own label now," he says. "We have a great partnership with BMG worldwide; that was important to us because our fans are all over the world, and BMG has that long-reaching arm that can get out there and get our new music to all our fans. And the web is an amazing facilitator to get your music to the fans and all over the world, too. So everyone's happy and BMG is really happy with the way that our records have performed and they're already talking about the next record, so that'll definitely be happening pretty soon."