Michael Jackson's Most Iconic Moment Poll: Vote!

Michael Jackson

What moment defines the King of Pop's legacy? Sound off in the poll below.

What's your lasting image of Michael Jackson? As an artist who provided music fans with a lifetime of unforgettable moments, Jackson meant something special to his onlookers for a wide variety of reasons. All of the musical accomplishments, personal achievements and spectacular stunts add up to a musician truly unlike any other that we have seen -- hence the nickname King of Pop! Now, we want you, the Billboard.com reader, to sound off on the one moment for which you'll most remember Michael.

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Vote now in the poll below to tell us which moment in Michael Jackson's illustrious career remains his most iconic. We've provided some suggestions, but don't be afraid to write in your own personal answer:

Maybe Jackson's most iconic moment is one of his earliest -- the Jackson 5's debut single "I Want You Back," for instance, or MJ's proper album debut with "Off The Wall." Perhaps you most remember one of his big-budget, eye-popping music videos, like "Thriller," "Black or White" or "Scream." How about some of his unforgettable non-music moments, like kissing Lisa Marie Presley at the 1994 VMAs or his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame acceptance speech? Quite possibly, your most iconic MJ moment is a simple foot shuffle -- the first time Jackson moonwalked in 1983.

Cast your vote for Michael Jackson's most iconic moment, and be sure to explore more MJ tributes today on Billboard.com -- from his 50 biggest Billboard hits to his life in photos.