'Weird Al' Yankovic's New Album: 10 Song Parodies We'd Like To Hear

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'Weird Al' Yankovic performs on stage at Oregon Zoo on July 18, 2013 in Portland, Oregon.

From Jennifer Lawrence shout-outs to donut odes, here are 10 suggestions for "Weird Al's" upcoming opus.

On July 15, master spoofer "Weird Al" Yankovic will return with "Mandatory Fun," his 14th studio album and first full-length since 2011's "Alpocalypse." Last time around, the pop auteur parodied Lady Gaga's outlandish performances, B.o.B and Bruno Mars' uber-catchy hit "Nothin' On You" and the rise of TMZ to a tune of Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me," among other things. For "Mandatory Fun," he's going to parody… well, we're not quite sure yet, since there's no track list or confirmed send-ups. There's no doubt that Yankovic will survey the pop culture landscape of the past three years, pick a few touchstones to torch, and set them to the melody of a recent hit. But what will (and should) those parodies be?

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Here at Billboard, we've offered a few suggestions of song parodies we'd like to hear on "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Mandatory Fun." Maybe if we're lucky, he'll quickly record one of these in the next few weeks and paste it onto the track list -- or, if we're even luckier, he already had these ideas in mind.

"Twerk For All"
Parody Of: "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus

Nothing defined pop music last year quite like the tongue-wagging, ultra-exposed antics of Miley Cyrus, so why not dedicate a parody to the dance craze she popularized?

Sample Lyrics (chorus): "Now I just wanna twerk for all/Shake my booty, make it rise and fall/Bet you didn't know this dance before/Unless you're, a Ying Yang Twin/Are you, a Ying Yang Twin?"


Parody Of: "Timber" by Pitbull feat. Kesha

There was a song on "Alpocalypse" called "Craigslist," so "Tumblr" is the natural new-online-staple song for "Mandatory Fun."

Sample Lyric (chorus): "Did you reblog, my post on Tumblr?/It was a GIF, of several cats/I followed you, don't you remember?/And just sent you, a new snapchat/Whooooa, whooooa (Tumblr!)/Whoooooa whooooa whooooa (Tumblr!)"


"Some Bieber That I Used To Know"
Parody Of: "Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye feat. Kimbra

When "Weird Al" last released an album, no one in the U.S. knew who Gotye was, and Justin Bieber was an innocent teen pop phenomenon. Oh, how times have changed!

Sample Lyrics (chorus): "But you didn't have to grow so fast/Singing 'Baby,' now you're out there scaring all the parents/And you don't even wear a shirt/Might be back with Selena, but we're not quite sure/I think I knew that something changed/When you changed your Soundcloud username to 'Sir Bizzle'/Never say never, true/But now you're just some Bieber that I used to know."


Parody Of: "Royals" by Lorde

The hottest show on TV, "Game of Thrones," has inspired dozens of YouTube parodies already, but that doesn't mean that "Weird Al" shouldn't take a crack at it with the help of a little Lorde.

Sample Lyrics (pre-chorus): "But everyone's like Ned Stark, good dude, why the bad attitude?/Dany, Targaryen, worried 'bout baby dragons/We don't care, we're too busy having mad incest/But everyone's like Robb Stark, coming south, wants to make us bow down/Stannis, furrowed brow, has a claim to the crown/We don't care, we're always gonna pay off our debts."


"Just Give Me a Donut"
Parody Of: "Just Give Me a Reason" by P!nk feat. Nate Ruess

It wouldn't be a "Weird Al" album without some random food-related jam (personal favorite from the archive: "Grapefruit Diet," a parody of Cherry Poppin' Daddies' "Zoot Suit Riot," on "Running with Scissors").

Sample Lyrics (chorus): "Just give me a donut/Just a glazed one, or one stuffed/With some jelly, in my belly it lands/And I will learn to love Dunkin"


"I Knew You Were J-Law"
Parody Of: "I Knew You Were Trouble." by Taylor Swift

Jennifer Lawrence has quickly become a defining actress of a generation -- and this is her country-pop anthem.

Sample Lyrics (chorus): "I knew you were J-Law when you walked in/So sexy and klutzy, how?/Huge star with a Best Actress Oscar win/But when you accepted it, you fell down"


"Mitt, You Kill My Vibe"
Parody Of: "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe" by Kendrick Lamar

Remember the 2012 election? Remember Mitt Romney? It seems so long ago, but that doesn't mean that "Weird Al" should balk at a few "47 percent" jokes on this one.

Sample Lyrics (chorus): "Barack's a winner, who's probably gonna win again/I am wealthy, he won't outspend me, or my boy Paul Ryan/Other Republicans say to me/'Mitt you kill my vibe, Mitt you kill my vibe'"


"Pants On Fire"
Parody Of: "Girl On Fire" by Alicia Keys

Silly, for the sake of silly.

Sample Lyrics (chorus): "My pants are on fire!/No, I'm not a liar/They're literally on fire!!!/Help me, I am on fire!!!!!"


"Little Folkie Band"
Parody Of: "Little Lion Man" by Mumford & Sons

The folk explosion was a real thing that impacted pop music over the past three years, and that trend should be honored with a parody of its leaders, Mumford & Sons.

Sample Lyrics (chorus): "That's not your banjo, but mine/I wear suspenders to unwind/The band I listen to all the time/Is the Lumineers/Is the Lumineers…"


Parody Of: "Happy" by Pharrell

Lots of different ways you could go with this one -- "Unhappy," "Crappy," etc. -- but let's dedicate this one to the hopeless romantics.

Sample Lyrics (chorus): "Clap along if you've seen 'The Notebook' 80 times/Clap along if you know all the words to 'In Your Eyes'!"


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