Scooter Braun Responds to Justin Bieber's Racist Videos

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It's been a rough few days for Justin Bieber's team, following now two videos of the pop idol making racist jokes have been released to the public. In response to criticisms, Bieber's manager Scoot Braun took to Instagram today to some words on the subject. 

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Braun posted an image, presumably in response to the Bieber videos. 

"Some mistakes have no excuses. They are just wrong. But how a man reacts to those mistakes… How he owns it and learns from it… That defines him more than the mistake itself."

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The post has been liked more than 25,000 times (Braun has nearly 1 million followers) but the responses are mixed. Many are supportive of the Biebs, while others still upset and asking for a video apology:

"Honestly that joke wasn't even that racist. A LOT AND I DO MEAN A LOT!!!! have told WORST jokes and yet you call him out on it? That's dumb just like the media. #fuckyouTMZ you are the worst media because all you do is blame him for being this and that but it's not your damn business BACK THE HELL OFF!" said user Beliebermarie17

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"True but he needs to apologize Scooter, I'm not mad but some people are & they don't like that you're apologizing for him," said loveekesi. 

"Justin is a good personne [sic]" said gorgousjusten. 

"i'm a black fan and i was extremely offended by this Scott. You know what it's like to see your idol slam your race like that???? Some words on a paper aren't going to cut it honestly. I need him to do a video apology where is is talking (not somethign you guys put in front of the camera for him to read either). this is so damn hurtful and sad. this picture doesn't cut it either. i've been trying to keep calm but for fucks sake make him do a damn video apology oh my goodness. It's not that hard," said stunningselenamg