LP Focuses on LP With First Album in a Decade

Laura Pergolizzi AKA LP
Amanda Demme/Warner Brothers

The singer, a hired gun for Rihanna, Christina Aguilera among others, releases "Forever for Now" on Warner Bros.

Despite numerous label deals before this, LP says she's not gun shy at all about "Forever For Now," her full-length debut for Warner Bros.

The New York-born singer (full name Laura Pergolizzi) released previous albums a decade and more ago for Koch and Lightswitch Records, while deals with Island Def Jam and RedOne's 2101 imprint never quite panned out. In the meantime LP staked her reputation as a songwriter for Rihanna ("Cheers (Drink To That)"), Christina Aguilera ("Beautiful People") and others. But with 2012's "Into the Wild (Live at EastWest Studios)" EP and now "Forever For Now," which comes out this week, she's ready to stake her own claim as an artist.

"I honestly didn't care this time. I wasn't apprehensive," LP tells Billboard. "If there's one thing I've learned with all aspects of my career, whether it's with a manager or an agent or a label or whoever, they've got to think you're the shit. They've got to really believe in it. I find that good, fruitful things come from that. And I felt like that was Warner Bros. I felt like they really got it -- not just got me musically but got me visually and my vibe and everything."

The support didn't take long to kick in, either, LP says. "The day I signed my deal was at (label chief and 'Forever For Now' producer) Rob Cavallo's house," she recalls. "He was having a big party with the whole label at his house -- 150, 200 people there. So the whole label saw me that night and I got a standing ovation and got a really good vibe from that. I could tell it wasn't going to just be great for a little bit and then, 'Is anyone paying attention?'"

After "Into the Wild's" title track was picked up for a Citibank ad campaign, LP says "Forever For Now" took a bit longer to make than she expected and changed course during that time. 

"Yeah, I thought the record would be quicker but the EP got us rolling and then touring, so it kind of pushed things back, in a good way," she says. "It started out a bit more of an acoustic thing, but as I got into making the album I just started adding more and more things to the (songs), me and Rob Cavallo together. It just kind of became a bigger sounding record. It just grew as I was doing it, but I didn't have any preconceived notion for it. I just wanted it to sound big and good."

"Forever For Now" was culled from an estimated 40 songs LP and Cavallo considered and has been preceded by its first single, "Night Like This." Tour plans are currently in the works, she says, and while the focus is on her own career LP promises you'll still be finding her name in the writing credits of other artists' albums. 

"I'm not stopping writing for other people," she says. "Cher Lloyd has one of my songs right now ('Human')  that just came out on her new record ('Sorry I'm Late'). I have a song with an amazing singer from England, Ella Henderson, and there'll be more. I write too much to ever keep everything just for myself." 

LP will celebrate "Forever For Now's release with a show tonight (June 3) at Sayers Club in Los Angeles along with performances this week in Baltimore, New York City and Nashville. She'll also play 12 dates with Phillip Phillips and O.A.R. in June, starting June 12 in St. Louis.