Madonna Hits Studio With 'Slave Driver' Diplo

Chad Buchanan/WireImage

Madonna arrives to the opening of Hard Candy Fitness on October 17, 2013 in Berlin, Germany.

Madonna is in the studio working with Diplo, according to a pair of photos recently posted to her Instagram account.

The details are all in the captions, announcing that the pair are working hard in the studio, but not much else. The first one is a Madonna selfie with some interesting word choices. Says the caption, "Diplo is a slave driver! Got me working all hours of the night in the studio. Had to sneak into the bathroom! #clicclacclicclacbitchgetoffmyback"

Aside from the hot collaboration news, fans were treated to an up-close look at Madonna's forearms, complete with a (we're guessing) Sharpie-made dinosaur tattoo to match Diplo's (it's a Diplodocus… get it?), plus fingerless mittens and some golden wrist bling. Says the caption, "Working with @Diplo got me like................WHAAaaat?"

This isn't the first news to surface regarding Madonna's new musical projects. Back in March, she revealed -- also via Instagram -- that she was working with another EDM hitmaker, Avicii. In April, she shared an Instagram photo which depicted her in the studio with British singer Natalia Kills and Martin Kierszenbaum of Cherrytree and Interscope Records.

No release date, title or additional details have been set for what is poised to be Madonna's 13th studio album.