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Why Girl Groups Rule: Pussycat Dolls' Jessica Sutta On 'Female Empowerment'

Pussycat Dolls in 2009 (Photo: George Pimentel, WireImage)
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On each day of's Girl Group Week, we'll be posting an interview with a member of an all-female musical artist about some of the finer points of being in a girl group. A lot of us listen to girl group songs, follow their dance moves and buy tickets to their shows -- but what's it like actually being a member of a girl group?

Billboard continues Girl Group Week featuring Jessica Sutta, a former member of the Pussycat Dolls -- the burlesque-inspired pop troupe that snagged one of the Top 40 all-time girl group songs. In addition to playing with the burlesque-inspired pop troupe, the Miami native has earned two No. 1 singles on Billboard's Dance Club Songs chart with her solo hit "Show Me" and a Dave Aude collaboration "Make It Last."

Billboard: What's the best part of being in a girl group?
Sutta: The sisterhood that was built. On- and offstage, we had a blast. We always had inside jokes onstage -- things we still laugh out loud about. After our shows, we would get on the tour bus, jump into our PJs and hang out. That's one of the things I miss the most.
What do you feel is the biggest or most common misconception about girl groups?
Well, there were always misconceptions with the Pussycat Dolls and what we stood for. We stood for female empowerment; our motto was "Inside every woman is a Pussycat Doll." Never underestimate the strength of a woman.

What led you to be a part of a group instead of pursuing the solo path?
It kind of just happened. I moved to L.A. to act and my first job happened to be with the Pussycat Dolls. A year later, we were signed to Interscope. The rest was history! Oddly enough, my mom used to call me "pussycat" growing up. I guess it was written in the stars.
What's been the most memorable and rewarding part from your time in Pussycat Dolls?
There are so many amazing memories but one of my favorite one was performing in front of the pyramids of Giza in Cairo. They lit each of the pyramids up with "P," "C," "D." It's a memory I'll never forget.
But being in a girl band was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Looking out into the audience, seeing the young girls and boys filled with excitement and knowing that we're an inspiration to them is truly one of the most rewarding feelings in the world.