Girl Group Week Readers' Poll: Vote Now!

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Vote for your favorite girl group singles, albums, music videos and more.

With Girl Group Week in full swing at, we're counting down the Top 40 girl group songs of all time as determined by our charts, as well as making our own calls on the 20 most underrated girl group songs and 10 most iconic girl group music videos. However, we want to hear from you, too -- after all, pop fans have helped determine the success of girl groups for over five decades, and know fantastic girl group songs, albums and music videos when they encounter them. It's your turn to decide the best and brightest girl groups of all time in our Girl Group Week Readers' Poll.

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Which girl group needs to make a comeback more -- the Spice Girls, or Destiny's Child? Is Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, Girls' Generation or another group the most promising new girl group? Did you like TLC's "Waterfalls" better than "No Scrubs," or is it the other way around? We've offered a few suggestions of our own, but feel free to write in a candidate.

Cast your vote before the Readers' Poll closes on Friday, May 2. We'll announce all of the winners on that day, which is the final day of Girl Group Week!

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