Justin Bieber Releases Another New Song, 'We Were Born For This': Listen

Justin Bieber, Coachella 2014

Justin Bieber performs at Coachella 2014

Two days after Justin Bieber unexpectedly released a new heartfelt jam, "Hard2FaceReality," the pop superstar dropped another gift online on Monday (Apr. 28). Listen to the sparse track "We Were Born For This" below:

Singing over a twitching guitar line, Bieber defends himself against the haters using a strained croon: "This is my times/And I won't waste it/Thinking 'bout what you gotta say." "We Were Born For This" follows the somber tone of his "Journals" entries, and sounds more fleshed-out than the two-minute "Hard2FaceReality."

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Oddly enough, the artwork for "We Were Born For This" eerily resembles the cover of Paramore's 2007 album "Riot!," and judging from some claims on Tumblr, seems to have been lifted from some Paramore fan-art that first appeared in 2011. Maybe Bieber's just a big fan of "Ain't It Fun"?

The slow stream of new music follows a trying time for Bieber, who was detained for questioning at LAX last week. His DUI trial, following his arrest last January, has been postponed until July.