Breathe Carolina, 'Chasing Hearts': Exclusive Video Premiere

Breathe Carolina
Fearless Records

Breathe Carolina

The genre-blending act's new studio album "Savages" drops today on Fearless Records

Breathe Carolina's genre-blending, party-starting fourth album "Savages" drops today and Billboard has an exclusive premiere of the music video for one of its focal tracks.

The music video for the electronic and R&B-influenced song finds Breathe Carolina venturing out to an abandoned part of town in the California desert for some good ol' fun -- spray-painting, drinking and bottle-poppin'. It's a mixture of filming by director Jade Elher and footage caught from hand-held Go Pro cameras.

"Chasing Hearts" features guest vocals from Tyler Carter, frontman of the Rise Records-signed metalcore band Issues.

"Hooligans meets the romantics," he says. "We just wanted to make a song that everyone relates to. We spend our lives touring, in the fast lane, trying to be happy, and looking for love, but the happiest you'll ever find me is with the friends that matter most, somewhere low-key, being whoever we wanna be.”

Breathe Carolina are back on their original label, Fearless Records, for "Savages" after a brief stint on Columbia. To go along with EDM influences, the album features heavy rock moments (Asking Alexandria's Danny Worsnop guests) and also pop collaborations (Karmin appear as well).

"This isn't a new band, but it is a new sound," singer David Schmitt says. "I grew up listening to electronic music, and I wanted to embrace that influence wholeheartedly this time around."