Dylan Reynolds, 'Lifeline': Exclusive Album Premiere

Dan Reynolds
REMember Music

Dan Reynolds for REMember Music

Dylan Reynolds has friends in high places -- try, for instance, Mac Miller, with whom Reynolds has been friends since their time in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Now, following in Miller's footsteps, Reynolds is embarking on his own music career. The singer-songwriter is releasing his new EP, "Lifeline," next week, and Billboard has the exclusive premiere.

According to Reynolds, the six-song EP deals prominently with various types of relationship, be them with family, friends or otherwise.

"Lyrically, this EP grew from co-dependent love relationships of all kinds -- with women, friends and family members," Reynolds says. "A central metaphor runs through the tracks: throwing out a 'lifeline; to others, only to find oneself suddenly drowning. Finally, the songs themselves become lifelines, hopefully grasped by those who hear them, and the solitary singer (me) who tries to take his own advice.”

Reynolds, who got his start as a drummer, is signed to Miller's REMember Music label. A singer-songwriter in the pop vein, his music has drawn comparisons to Jeff Buckley, Ryan Adams and John Mayer.

"Lifeline" officially drops April 8.