'The Voice' Recap: Chris Martin Mentors As Rebooted Battles Round Kicks-Off

The Voice March 25th episode
Tyler Golden/NBC

THe Voice- "Battle Rounds:  (l-r) Cary Laine, Sam Behymer

Monday night's episode of "The Voice" was full of debuts: Chris Martin as universal guest mentor, a rebooted round of battles, and Usher's hat. The Davy Crockett-inspired headwear that he wore throughout his press tour accompanied him alongside the ring, and already has his own Twitter account that's giving newly-announced coach Pharrell Williams' Vivienne Westwood hat a nod.

Pharrell Joining 'The Voice' as a Coach

Similar to the now-defunct knockout round, the coaches still pick who performs in each sudden-death duet, and the contenders must agree on a song from their coach's shortlist that not only showcases each of their strengths, but also gives them the opportunity to potentially outshine the other. Rehearsals for this round are held in the ring itself, and the singers are shown meeting with their families before they begin their battles. All of the coaches have one steal each, plus the mentorship of the Coldplay frontman.

And it's all a winning combination, as each of the performances alone blew away the entire first round of battles.

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