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Kylie Minogue Primer: The Top 10 Past Hits You Need To Know

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Kylie Minogue

From "Loco-Motion" To "Love At First Sight," here's a re-introduction to the Australian pop star on the eve of her new album.

Most North American pop fans know Kylie Minogue as a veteran artist with a few radio hits and a larger fan base overseas. And while those descriptors aren't necessarily incorrect, the Australian pop phenom is so much more. Over the course of the 13 albums prior to the new full-length "Kiss Me Once," the 45-year-old has gone from mainstream queen to curious outsider to dance siren, collecting an array of hits but never losing her prolific drive. Pop fans deserve to take a deep dive into Minogue's discography -- and why not start with the 10 most indispensable cuts first?

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On the eve of the Mar. 18 release of "Kiss Me Once," check out our primer on the pop singer -- basically, a 'Kylie Minogue Songs For Dummies' -- and get to know her past before fully drinking in her present:

"The Loco-Motion"
Found On: "Kylie" (1988)

Released in mid-1987 as Minogue's debut single, the chirpy cover of the 1962 pop song became a smash hit for the underage artist, and a novelty single that very well could have steered her toward one-hit-wonder status. Although Minogue's sound quickly evolved, any discussion of her career without "The Loco-Motion" feels incomplete.

"Better The Devil You Know"
Found On: "Rhythm of Love" (1990)

Leaping off the "Loco-Motion" springboard and diving into a pop career, Minogue's early material was highlighted by gleeful gems like "Better The Devil You Know," a stakes-free rush of energy. Minogue was still carving out her niche here, but the production still packs a wallop, extremely busy but not too cluttered to dilute its euphoric effect.

"Confide In Me"
Found On: "Kylie Minogue" (1994)

Deeply flirtatious and as knowingly dramatic as a James Bond theme song, "Confide In Me" continued Minogue on her path away from simplistic pop atop a swath of strings and Middle Eastern influences. The deadpanned bridge -- "Stick or twist, the choice is yours/Hit or miss, what's mine is yours" -- is delivered in a murmur that yearns for a Serious Artiste label. 

Found On: "Impossible Princess" (1997)

Dabbling in psychedelia, alternative, acid house and trip-hop, 1997's "Impossible Princess" is Minogue's most offbeat full-length to date, and has been heralded as a lost pop masterpiece in the years after its release. "Breathe" is the obvious standout, sounding almost like a Nine Inch Nails throwaway in its opening seconds and morphing into a silky, sexy defense of Minogue's experimental side.

"Spinning Around"
Found On: "Light Years" (2000)

Co-written by former "American Idol" judges Paula Abdul and Kara Dioguardi, "Spinning Around" finds Minogue returning to straightforward pop after 1997's ambitious "Impossible Princess" and corralling some disco thump to create an especially giddy effect. A sterling lead single, and one of Minogue's most effortless hits to date.

"On A Night Like This" 
Found On: "Light Years" (2000)

Following "Spinning Around" on the "Light Years" track list and as that album's second single, "On A Night Like This" belongs in the same disco-pop atmosphere as its predecessor but is somehow more propulsive and features an even more enjoyable bridge to wail along to. Minogue is in peak form, pouncing upon the sound that she had been hunting for years.

"Can't Get You Out Of My Head"
Found On: "Fever" (2001)

The best thing one can say about what is arguably the most iconic Kylie Minogue song is that, 13 years after its release, "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" still sounds fresh, forward-thinking and alive. The metallic production wouldn't carry quite as much of its impact if Minogue had attempted to outshine it; wisely, her voice operates alongside it, finding renewed power in its drive.

"Love at First Sight"
Found On: "Fever" (2001)

"Can't Get You Out Of My Head" is a brilliant Kylie Minogue song on its own, but 2001's "Fever" album endures because so many of its songs neared the quality of its lead single. One, of course, is "Love at First Sight," a dance song that's so self-assured that it completely powers down 70 seconds in, lets Minogue's voice float in the ether for two lines, then triumphantly returns, slaking the thirst of its hungry listener.

"I Believe In You"
Found On: "Ultimate Kylie" (2004)

Minogue enlisted the Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears and Babydaddy to co-write and produce a new single from the greatest hits compilation "Ultimate Kylie," and the result is one of the singer's more thoughtful club tracks. "I don't believe in magic, it's only in the mind/I don't believe I'd love somebody, just to pass the time," declares an atypically cold Minogue before the gentle heat of the chorus -- "But I... I... I... believe in you" -- swoops in.

"All The Lovers"
Found On: "Aphrodite" (2010)

Released just after her 42nd birthday, "All The Lovers" demonstrates how gracefully Minogue made the transition to self-possessed veteran on "Aphrodite." Here, she is selling every syllable with breathy allure, cloaking her desire in a beautifully inclusive hook.