Paolo Nutini, 'Scream (Funk My Life Up)': Exclusive Video Premiere

Shamil Tanna

Paolo Nutini

Paolo Nutini's engrossing new single "Scream (Funk My Life Up)" announces the official return of the acclaimed Scottish singer-songwriter after a prolonged break following his 2009 album "Sunny Side Up." After the song was unveiled in January, "Scream" now has an official music video, which you can watch exclusively on below:

The rollicking funk track gets an appropriately joyous music video, with Nutini traipsing through a cracked reality of dancers, skateboarders, beautiful cheerleaders and leopard-print car interiors. The "Scream (Funk My Life Up)" clip was filmed in Los Angeles, and Nutini says that he couldn't get enough of the city's eccentricities.

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"What a pleasure it was to make … all of those interesting, beautiful people, giving us an insight into how they do what they do and being kind enough to do it on camera," says Nutini. "[I] loved every second of it. Shine on, you crazy diamonds."

Nutini will release an EP in the U.S. next month, with his third full-length, "Caustic Love," arriving in the U.K. on April 14 and in the States later this year through Atlantic Records. Produced primarily by Nutini and Dani Castelar, "Caustic Love" was recorded in Valencia, Glasgow, London and in the United States.