Parahoy! Day 3: Paramore Break Out the Deep Cuts

Jatnna Nunez

PARAHOY! host Paramore performs live during day 3 of PARAHOY!

Paramore's final performance onboard the cruise brought out tracks that haven't been played live since the band's earliest days.

By day three of the Parahoy! Cruise, the guests had gotten their sea legs. The morning opened with the Norwegian Pearl docking at the Bahamas' Stirrup Cay, allowing the cruisers to spend a lazy day on the beach. They came back a little sun-kissed, and ready for Paramore's second (and final) performance of the cruise. Fans began crowding the poolside stage three hours before their heroes took the stage, hoping to get a front row spot for Hayley Williams and company for what turned out to be one of their most unique performances in recent years.

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Ever think Paramore could pull off a set without "Misery Business"? They did last night (March 9), instead interjecting the usual suspects with a handful of songs they hand't played in years. There was "Miracle," which Williams recounted building from a riff the band wrote in 2005 and finished just prior to recording the 2007 album "Riot." Deeper still, Williams paid tribute to her hometown of Franklin, TN via the "All We Know Is Falling" cut "Franklin," which Paramore had scarcely played since 2005. From that same album, they offered "Conspiracy," which Williams described as "the genesis of Paramore" back in 2005.

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The set was a deserved victory lap for a band that has weathered myriad lineup changes to write last year's Billboard 200-topping self-titled album. "Misery Business" and a few of their other omitted regulars were already played two nights earlier, and still, the set had plenty of star power with "Still Into You," "Crushcrushcrush," and "Decode," which Williams assured, "has nothing to do with 'Twilight.'" By taking the time to re-learn so many rarities with a less-than year-old lineup, Paramore displayed their devotion to their fanbase, who threw the love right back as night fell on the pool deck.

The sleeper set of the night belonged to Philadelphia indie rock oddballs mewithoutYou, whom Williams had described as her favorite band two days earlier. They're a far cry from Paramore's streamlined pop rock, instead working in herky-jerky rhythms and the shouted vocals of singer/guitarist/occasional accordionist Aaron Weiss. Weiss' voice recalls that of the Mountain Goats' John Darnielle and his band's soundscapes sound like a more guitar-heavy take on Neutral Milk Hotel. As if the the beard-sporting five piece hadn't done enough to win over the indoor theater crowd with its majestic vocal arrangements, Hayley Williams joined them onstage for their final song, making good on her endorsement and bringing out a sea of cell phones from fans looking to capture this very much unexpected collaboration.

The Paramore theme closed out the night as bassist Jeremy Davis DJ'd the night out on the pool deck. Early cuts in the set ranged from contemporary EDM to Daft Punk, before Davis' love of hip-hop revealed itself and dominated the end of the set. It was a welcome break from the rock-dominated cruise, particularly for Drake enthusiasts, as Davis played a lot of Drizzy. He was joined onstage by Williams and mewithoutYou's Aaron Weiss, who danced before a crowd decked out in white attire ("white out" was the theme of the night) and flourescent glowsticks. At 2 a.m. the set wrapped up, leaving the guests to retreat to the ship's other still-bustling late night locales or to their staterooms to get sleep before what promises to be a magnificent final night.

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Here is the full setlist from Paramore's performance:
(One of Those) Crazy Girls
Grow Up
Never Let This Go
Playing God
Turn It Off
Misguided Ghosts
I'm Not Angry Anymore
Moving On
Last Hope
Hello Cold World
Still Into You
Let the Flames Begin