Parahoy! Day 2: Tegan & Sara Showcase 'Heartthrob'

Jatnna Nunez

Tegan and Sara performs during day 2 of PARAHOY!

"I feel like we're at Coachella but on the ocean," gushed Tegan Quin

Paramore didn't perform on the first full day at sea (and second overall) of Parahoy! but their supporting cast and plenty of maritime amusements kept the three thousand or so fans in a (mostly) angst-free pop-punk bliss.

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There's a budding local celebrity onboard and he's known as "Rainbow Beard." He got his first big moment yesterday when Paramore's Hayley Williams shouted the burly, baldheaded dude out onstage during their cruise-opening performance: "Hey, there's a guy with a rainbow goatee watching us!" (It's really just a goatee but "Rainbow Goatee" doesn't have the same ring to it, apparently). Today, he was the hands down winner of the afternoon's bellyflop competition at the pool deck. So resounding was his victory that he received straight 10s from the judges (comedian Doug Benson and Paramore's Jeremy Davis) and was asked to perform an encore flop into the water. The crowd erupted into chants of "Rainbow Beard!" and Benson announced, "He pretty much owns this ship."

Although Paramore didn't perform today, they did make an appearance to judge a poolside karaoke competition. Fans who won a pre-sailing audition (by calling in their submissions) got to sing along to backing tracks onstage in the late afternoon. My personal favorite was a guy who took the stage announcing, "I'm singing 'Decode' and I'll attempt to sing it in your key." After slaying it, Williams applauded, "That is a hard note to hit; you should join our band." He tactfully replied, "I have a band. We could open for you guys!"

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New Found Glory graduated from the indoor theater to the poolside deck for a 9 p.m. set. The previous night's chilly conditions had warmed just enough to to remain comfortable in shorts and tank tops, and the newfound quartet (they played their first show without original guitarist Steve Klein the previous night) pummeled through a set of youth-affirming power chords the way only true pop-punk legends can. Per usual, the set was bookended by early 2000s MTV hits like "Head On Collision" and "My Friends Over You," along with a couple of the band's trademark cover songs to mix things up. This night's new picks: Go West's "Pretty Woman" theme "The King of Wishful Thinking" from their second collection of movie song covers "From the Screen to Your Stereo: Part 2" and the Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop."

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With no Paramore presence, Tegan & Sara were essentially the night's headliners, and they filled the role admirably. The crowd they packed into the indoor theater cementing them as the hands-down second biggest draw on the ship, to the delight of their fanbase, which might be even more obsessive than Paramore's. Today, a front row fan answered a seemingly impossible trivia question (Name their keyboard player's last name) to earn a trip onstage to dance along to "Alligator." Gifts were exchanged from fans to band, like a drawing of the twins taking over the cruise and renaming it "Sarahoy!" Set-wise, the Quins and company were charismatic and squeaky-clean as usual, with even more deep cuts than last night peppered amongst the "Heartthrob" tracks. "I feel like we're at Coachella but on the ocean," gushed Tegan.

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For more Tegan & Sara, check out Billboard's interview with the Quins coming Tuesday, March 12. For more Parahoy! check back tomorrow for our wrap-up of day three's events, as the Norwegian Pearl makes it to the Bahamas.