Top 25 Travolta-fied Pop Star Names: 'Adele Dazeem' & More!

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

John Travolta onstage during the Oscars on March 2, 2014 in Hollywood, CA

How would John Travolta have said your favorite artist's name at the Oscars?

On Monday (Mar. 2), hours after John Travolta mangled Idina Menzel's name while introducing her performance of "Let It Go" at the Academy Awards -- say hello to Adele Dazeem, America! -- created an Adele Dazeem name generator, so that you, too, could find out how the movie star would pronounce your name. The onstage gaffe has produced more than enough hilarity by allowing us to find out our Travolta-given titles, but we wondered: how would John Travolta pronounce the names of some of the biggest musicians in the world?

Check out 25 Travolta-fied pop star names, then head over to Slate to explore more!

Justin Bieber Travolta-fied: "Julian Bafer"

Rihanna Travolta-fied: "Ruairidh"

Lady Gaga Travolta-fied: "Lucy Geercia"

Beyonce Travolta-fied: "Brodie"

Madonna Travolta-fied: "Matilda"

Jay Z Travolta-fied: "Jia Zamirez"

Pharrell Williams Travolta-fied: "Patryk Wazeems"

Bruce Springsteen Travolta-fied: "Brooke Seempzon"

Questlove Travolta-fied: "Louise"

Katy Perry Travolta-fied: "Kelsey Palmzer"

Britney Spears Travolta-fied: "Bailey Speerce"

Bruno Mars Travolta-fied: "Braden Meems"

Celine Dion Travolta-fied: "Charlie Doon"

Nicki Minaj Travolta-fied: "Naomi Mertin"

Miley Cyrus Travolta-fied: "Molly Cozzins"

Adele Travolta-fied: "Argyle"

Lil Wayne Travolta-fied: "Lyall Whayte"

P!nk Travolta-fied: "Piotr"

Skrillex Travolta-fied: "Scarlett"

Adam Levine Travolta-fied: "Abdul Leeee"

Dave Grohl Travolta-fied: "Dan Greez"

Macklemore Travolta-fied: "Mackenzie"

Lorde Travolta-fied: "Luke"

Kanye West Travolta-fied: "Katie Weezt"

Taylor Swift Travolta-fied: "Tyler Smoith"

Idina Menzel Travolta-fied: "Adele Dazeem"

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