Dawn Richard Covers Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse': Hear The 'Unicorn Remix'

Courtesy of Our Dawn Entertainment; Vevo (Katy Perry ft. Juicy J. - Dark Horse)

Dawn Richard, Katy Perry

Dawn Richard, a member of Danity Kane and deeply promising solo artist, has taken a break from recording new DK material in the studio to put a spectacular spin on Katy Perry's latest Hot 100 chart-topper, "Dark Horse." Check out Richard's "Unicorn Remix" of "Dark Horse" below:

The icy minimalism and echoing wails of Richard's 2013 solo album "Goldenheart" are applied to the singer's take on the trap-pop cut, as Richard's voice is consistently backed my robotic murmurs to produce a chilling effect. Instead of attempting the replicate Juicy J's goofy-fun verse, Richard simply rides her cooing beat out to a logical conclusion, and inspires the listener to hit that 'replay' button at least once.

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"It's always fun to be in the lab with NoisecastleIII," Richard says of the "Unicorn Remix" producer in a press statement. "We were working on the Danity Kane project and decided to randomly take a break and this happened… For shits and giggles… Something only the hearts can appreciate. We always do things with our little twist. Done in true heart music form."

Along with new Danity Kane music, the former Diddy-Dirty Money artist is currently recording "Blackheart" as the full-length follow-up to "Goldenheart." NoisecastleIII, the Stereotypes and Yonny have all recently worked with Richard on new music.