Bobby Newberry, 'Sweat': Exclusive Video Premiere

Karlo Gomez
Bobby Newberry

Bobby Newberry is best known for his choreography credits, but he's looking to change that by tackling a new medium: music.

The Los Angeles-based Newberry will release a new EP Feb. 18, and to precede it, he's releasing a music video for the single "Sweat" -- and Billboard has the exclusive premiere.

Newberry's dancing prowess certainly shows in the high-energy clip. Set in the desert, which would probably make one sweat regardless of how much dancing is going on, the singer and his accompanying dancers move, twirl, bump and grind alongside a number of abandoned artifacts -- including the hollowed-out remains of an airplane.

"We shot the video in the middle of the Mojave Desert," Newberry said of "Sweat." "We were dancing full out in combat boots in all of that dirt. We definitely inhaled a lot of sand. I felt like I got microdermabrasion in my mouth."

The video was choreographed by JaQuel Knight, perhaps most famous for his work on Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" clip.

The release of "Sweat" comes shortly before "The Newberry Special," the singer's new EP, scheduled for a Feb. 18 release digitally.

"There are some sexy time mid tempos, some jamming in your car tracks and some 'I wanna just listen to music and let out some emotion' [songs]," Newberry said of the EP.  "My number one goal is to make good music that people can relate to; but more importantly music that allows them to get lost in it and just get up and dance."

"The Newberry Special" isn't all Newberry has planned for 2014. In addition to potentially releasing a second EP, he plans to do "more music videos," as well as plotting new live shows in addition to touring with Jump Tour, one of the world's largest dance conventions. 

"I just feel so incredibly blessed to be doing what I'm doing," he said. "I’m looking forward to this year and hope to make people get up and dance."