Sundance 2014: Neon Hitch Discusses New Album & Touring Plans

Lance Skundrich/FilterlessCo
Neon Hitch at Sundance.

Neon Hitch is one of a kind -- a British-born pop singer and former circus performer who prefers "vintage gypsy pop" when describing her craft. The Warner Bros. artist took time out during the Sundance film festival to sit down at the Sonos Home Theater Lounge to discuss her 2014 plans with Billboard.

"I've always known how to act, but only recently have I had the time to start mentally focusing on that," the multi-purprosed performer tells Billboard. Hitch had some extra time to devote to acting out at Sundance, as she has nearly completed her upcoming debut album, which is expected later this year. The LP follows last year's "Happy Neon" EP and her recent "301 to Paradise" mixtape.

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"To understand me you have to see the live performance," she says. "You have to see me presenting my art."

For fans looking forward to checking out those performances later this year, Neon previewed the changes coming to her live show:

"I've just put together a brand new band. Before I was doing more of the drummers and dance thing. Now I'm switching over to the gypsy pop. It's really about the live element and having strings, a full drum kit, guitarists, and bass. It's an experience. I'm really excited."

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