Ke$ha Rips Off Clothes in Self-Directed 'Dirty Love' Clip: Watch

Ke$ha - "Dirty Love"

"Dirty Love" is the least candy-colored song on Ke$ha's sophomore album "Warrior," and accordingly, the music video for the pop star's latest single -- which doubles as Ke$ha's directorial debut! -- is gritty, darkly lit and unapologetic in its confetti-strewn sexiness.

The "Dirty Love" video finds Ke$ha setting up a camcorder and proceeding to strip in front of it, tearing off a white tee that has the words 'high fashion' scrawled on the back before being joined by two bearded, bewigged backup dancers. "Death by glitter" is in the description of the video on YouTube, and indeed, Ke$ha and her pals are bombed by confetti so heavily that she has to sweep it off the floor at the end of the clip.

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"This is my fave song off my record," Ke$ha told her Twitter followers on Wednesday (Jan. 1) following the video release. "Warrior" also includes the Top 5 hit "Die Young," as well as "C'mon" and "Crazy Kids."

However, a non-"Warrior" Ke$ha track is currently dominating Top 40 radio: "Timber," her collaboration with Pitbull, remained at No. 2 on last week's Hot 100 chart.