Justin Bieber's 'Journals' Poll: Vote For Your Favorite Entry

Justin Bieber performs at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards in las Vegas.

Justin Bieber has bestowed more than a fair share of new material to his millions of fans over the past three months, as the teenage superstar unleashed one new song every Monday for 10 straight weeks beginning in October. On Monday (Dec. 23), Bieber then put a tidy Christmas bow on his 'Music Mondays' project: a full collection titled "Journals" was released to iTunes, with all 10 of the weekly songs as well as five new tracks included.

The songs of "Journals" are more contemplative and R&B-driven than those of Bieber's 2012 studio album "Believe" -- and with no proper singles in the bunch, fans can digest all 15 tracks equally. Now that the full collection of "Journals" is complete, which song is your absolute favorite? Vote in the poll below to sound off:

Along with high-profile collaborations with artists like R. Kelly, Lil Wayne and Chance The Rapper, "Journals" boasts some of Bieber's most revealing lyrics to date, most of which are delivered from the standpoint of a brutal breakup survivor. "Heartbreaker," the first 'Music Mondays' offering, finds Bieber defending his intentions over buttery production, while "Roller Coaster" is a funkier affair that still sadly concludes, "For a minute we were up, but the next, we were falling down." With so many mature standouts -- "All That Matters," "All Bad," "Change Me," etc. -- it's extremely difficult to just choose a single favorite.

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Bieber's second feature film, "Believe," is set to arrives in theaters on Christmas Day, while the singer is already planning to deliver his next full-length in late 2014. Until then, give "Journals" another listen and vote for your favorite track. Is it a 'Music Mondays' gem, or one of the brand-new cuts? Let us know.