Justin Bieber Finds the One That 'Matters' in New Video: Watch

Justin Bieber has an irresistible new crush in the music video for "All That Matters," dropped tonight (Dec. 2).

The video, for the second single from Bieber's "Music Mondays" project, finds the singer enraptured by a sultry seductress (model Cailin Russo) who tempts him before the two finally embrace with a kiss.

The simple clip for the slow jam is a multi-colored, muted affair, with blues, reds and yellows illuminating the couple. Bieber and Russo strike several suggestive poses along the way, sometimes atop a motorcycle and in other instances in front of an old film projector.

"All That Matters" is the first "Music Mondays" single to get the (non-lyric) video treatment. The song was originally released Oct. 14, peaking at No. 24 on the Hot 100.

Bieber is about to conclude the series, with one more song to be released a week from today -- following "Change Me," which saw the singer strip down his sound yet again for a piano ballad.