Justin Bieber Strips Down His Sound on 'Change Me': Listen

Justin Bieber

After funking things up on last week's 'Music Mondays' release, "Roller Coaster," Justin Bieber has thrown out a harrowing piano ballad as the penultimate song in his weekly series. Listen to "Change Me" below:

"Maybe you could be the light/That opens up my eyes/Make all my wrongs right/Change me, change me," Bieber murmurs as a lush piano movement scoops up his voice. Weeks after declaring that he wasn't "All Bad," Bieber's latest journal entry is again pleading for "understanding and patience" as he feels his romance slipping away, but this time, he's admitting that he needs to change to make it work.

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"Change Me" marks the ninth song in Bieber's 10-week 'Music Mondays,' which concludes next week and will be punctuated with the Dec. 25 release of his 3D "Believe" movie. Before the song hit iTunes at midnight on Monday (Dec. 2), Bieber described the ballad as "very personal" on Twitter.

Bieber's long-running Believe tour currently has him in Australia, and will conclude on Sunday night after running for over 14 months.