A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera Shine In 'Say Something' Video: Watch

Andrew Zaeh
A Great Big World

A Great Big World's new ballad "Say Something" soared onto the Hot 100 chart last week after the duo performed the song alongside Christina Aguilera on "The Voice" earlier this month. That week, A Great Big World also released a new studio version of the single featuring Aguilera, and that collaboration received an understandably downcast music video on Wednesday (Nov. 20).

Like their performance on "The Voice," Aguilera and AGBW's Ian Axel  look utterly sorrowful as they croon the break-up ballad together, with Axel carefully pounding away at the grand piano and Aguilera appearing on the verge of tears as the song reaches its climax. Meanwhile, various tear-inducing images accompany the majestic track, often in slow motion -- most strikingly, an older man climbing into a hospital bed with his peaceful female counterpart and emitting a silent shout.

Christina Aguilera, A Great Big World To Perform at American Music Awards

"We're both in a different place since we wrote the song, and have a totally different perspective on it," Axel told Billboard about "Say Something," which we wrote with his A Great Big World band mate Chad Vaccarino. "Whenever we perform it, it's like revisiting the scar. It's always a part of me, and I can always go there and feel it."

The duo's performance of "Say Something" on the Nov. 5 episode of "The Voice" resulted in A Great Big World's latest single debuting atop Billboard's Digital Songs Chart and at No. 16 on last week's Hot 100 chart. A Great Big World and Aguilera will also perform the song on the 2013 American Music Awards on Nov. 24.

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