Colbie Caillat Talks 'Game Changer' New Single, 'Hold On'

"I'm so impatient I just want it to be out already," pop singer-songwriter says of the follow-up to 2011 album "All Of You."

Colbie Caillat was supposed to have her fourth album out by now, but an abundance of material kept getting in the way.

"The hardest part is we recorded 30 songs, and I think I've written — I don't know, 50 or 60 songs for the record," Caillat tells Billboard on the phone from her home in Southern California. "And I've worked with other producers, so that's putting more delay on the record. I have another writing session today with Dave Stewart, in fact, so I'm making it harder on myself. But it's better to wait and put out the right product than rush it."

Helping to tide fans over, however, is the upcoming album's first single "Hold On," released Tuesday (Nov. 19) on iTunes. The Ryan Tedder co-written and produced song is an uncharacteristically rhythmic jam from a singer best known for mellow hits like "Bubbly," "Realize" and "Brighter Than The Sun."

And that's precisely the point. "It's gonna be a game changer," an enthused Tedder told Billboard recently. "It might be one of the biggest records I've done in years. It's gonna shock people. Forget 'Bubbly,' forget 'Brighter Than The Sun,' imagine starting from a clean slate. I didn't know she could sing as good as she could, and I don't think she did either."

Republic Records co-founder and chairman Monte Lipman was similarly hyperbolic when he told Billboard in October, "[It] may be the best record of her career and something we're excited about."

Caillat, for her part, is just happy to "branch out a bit and have it still be OK with people." Her upcoming album will be a blend of many styles, from pop to R&B to country to reggae, with likely contributions from producers like Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, John Shanks and David Hodges. "The album title, which I'm not allowed to say yet, kind of matches with what's going on," she says. "I for sure have 10 titles going on the record, just deciding now which other two are gonna be the ones. I'm so impatient I just want it to be out already. I feel bad — I kept telling my fans it was gonna be November, then it was gonna be January, now it's probably gonna be March."

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Caillat will next be seen co-hosting the American Music Awards' Coca-Cola Red Carpet LIVE! Digital Pre-Show this Sunday at 2p PST/5p EST on, and And she also recently appeared at the Humane Society of United States' To The Rescue! Gala in New York on November 15, helping raise over $1.7 million for HSUS Animal Rescue Programs, which save thousands of animals from cruelty, neglect, puppy mills and other abuse. "We're so grateful to Colbie Caillat for lending her voice to our mission for the last three years, and for performing at our To the Rescue! NY Gala," says Michelle Cho, VP of the HSUS Los Angeles office. "Her continued advocacy has been integral in spreading our message and our work to shut down puppy mills across the nation."

Caillat has two dogs of her own, and would like to eventually adopt a third. "I don't how I'd have time for it right now with touring and promo coming up, but I would have a kennel at my house if I could," she says. "I also want to start going to my local animal shelter and fostering a pet, which is great if you can't commit to taking on a dog full-time."

Caillat will finish 2013 with a winter radio tour that starts Dec. 5, and is readying the official video for "Hold On" in the coming weeks, too. The song was inspired by her own experiences with relationships on the verge of collapse, but being the one strong enough to give it another shot. "I know a lot of people can relate, it's like the game of love," she says. "When I was writing with Ryan it was basically about, 'You're ready to let go of this person, and the second you do, that's when they're all about you. They pull their same spiel where they back away, and you only want them more.'"