Lady Gaga's Volantis: 7 Things She Said About Her Flying Machine

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Benjamin Rollins Caldwell

November 10: Lady Gaga performs at artRave in Brooklyn, NY.

Mother Monster took flight last night and had some inspirational words about how and why it all came together.

So before we begin, know this: Lady Gaga believes in every word she says and move she makes. You may not. Last night (Nov. 10), prior to her Jeff Koons-highlighted artRave exhibit, performance of material from her “ARTPOP” album (out today), and glam dance party, the starlet hosted a press conference in a warehouse at the Brooklyn Navy Yard where she debuted—of all things—a one-man flying apparatus called Volantis. 

Lady Gaga Unveils 'Flying Dress' Volantis

The white, raucous contraption boasts six booms in a hex formation that assist with liftoff and the front view reveals a chest to knee female silhouette, which is likely is the reason Gaga referred to Volantis as a woman itself by often calling it “she.”

After hovering around about a foot or three off of the ground for a bit and gathering some applause, the singer’s Tech Haus team unstrapped her and she had some words for the press.

She explained that the showing "may be a small step for Volantis," but it’s "a big-time step" for her and pop culture overall as an example of the grand things that can happen when creative minds meet.

Cynics were heavy in attendance, ready to pan the event simply as promotional vehicle. Sure, it was promo. But not for one second did Gaga seem insincere in her mission to better the world, one song, gadget, or eccentricity at a time. Here are some of the standout quotes from her press conference.

"This is her beta test flight. So, you know, stand back."

This was Volantis’ first flight and anything could have happened. Thankfully, nothing exploded and Mother Monster landed in one piece.

"She's green."

Volantis won’t be polluting Earth. She’s battery operated. 

"...something to wear on stage."

This whole thing started with Gaga just wanting something cool to wear on stage while performing and then it morphed into Volantis.

"I want to evolve the world in making her."

Gaga’s goals are bigger than her. She wants others to at least attempt to be innovative and forward-thinking.

"Hopefully, one day you'll own a Volantis of your own."

Self-explanatory. Can you imagine having that thing in the garage, next to your car?

"Right now, she's priceless."

That was Gaga’s response to how much Volantis will cost when it’s sold some day. There’s no set date or plans to mass-produce it just yet. But investors, she says, have already been in touch to beef things up tech-wise and further production.

"Think about all we could do if we just thought about Volantis. Imagine the possibilities," "We all have potential to be great," "I hope today marks a change in pop. Not just for me."

Those were some of the more broad statements, all driving the big idea that with teamwork and creativity, once “crazy” thoughts can become achievable. Like Volantis, they might not soar high initially. But in time, maybe.