Geri Halliwell Accepts Failure As Comeback Single Stiffs in Australia

Geri Halliwell can pick a winner at the racetrack, but her pop career isn’t galloping along quite so well.

The former Spice Girl has admitted she was “gutted” when her comeback single flopped on its release in Australia. The comeback single “Half of Me” was utterly unloved, limping to just 393 sales (the No. 1 was “X-Factor” winner Dami, whose “Alive” sold 44,025 copies). It hardly dented the chart.

For an artist who as Ginger Spice played a big part in the “Girl Power” pop phenomenon and enjoyed chart-topping success on both sides of the Atlantic, failure sucks. And she admits as much in a blogpost.

Halliwell describes the feeling few of us will ever know – that moment your comeback single sinks. “I laughed nervously, god that’s really bad! (Deep down I was gutted),” she writes. And she reveals how she’s processing it and moving on.

“As much as I’m afraid to look like a quitter, (because we all want to look like winners right?), I’m not afraid to say – I lost! – Maybe I need to learn how to lose well in order to be a good winner?”

The media was unkind to “Half of Me,” which was co-written and produced by DNA. But its promotion clip came in for a savaging. Britain’s Daily Star asked whether it was “the most budget video ever” and the Huffington Post reported it was, “So bad its bad.”

Halliwell hasn’t had it all bad of late. She picked Fiorente, winner of the prestigious Melbourne Cup horse race.

Halliwell is trying to resurrect her showbiz career Down Under, where she’s a judge on the “Australia’s Got Talent” TV show. It’s a similar route taken by Mel B -- Scary Spice – who signed to EMI Australia last year off the back of her involvement as a judge on “X Factor Australia.”

Sony Music Australia inked Halliwell to a recording deal in September.